6 Biden White House’s Lies and Subterfuge: A Worrisome Experience

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The Biden White House's lies

Biden White House’s lies predicated on a propensity of propagating distortions have permeated his whole administration.

Throughout his career, the President has gotten away with distorting facts and duping people. Now, the practice has crept throughout his administration.

Lately, there are so many lies being spread that it is hard to keep up.

The lies are not simply the ridiculous, self-aggrandizing outright lies that used to send the Trump-hating media into fits of outrage under the last administration.

So often, these are life and death scenarios that profoundly impact the country’s future.

The Biden White House’s lies of a closed southern border

Absolutely not. Although Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Vice President Kamala Harris continue to tell America that the border is closed, it is intentionally wide open.

We can witness for ourselves, principally through Fox News, that illegal immigrants from across the world are rushing in from Mexico, under the keen watch of Border Patrol agents who have been asked to stand down.

Mayorkas stated last week that “the borders are not open.” “If you enter the United States in an unauthorized way, you will be deported. Your mission will fail.

Following a week of denials from the Department of Homeland Security and the White House press office, Mayorkas confirmed to Fox News on Sunday that most of the over 17,000 illegal immigrants cleared out from down the Del Rio bridge in Texas will remain in the United States.

He stated that between 10,000 to 12,000 people have already been let into the United States to blend into the shadows, and another 5,000 are currently being vetted by the DHS, with some being released.

Thus, the first 12,400 applicants have an 80% to 97% success rate – decent odds for the golden ticket of living in America.

Mayorkas is enabling an invasion that can only be termed as deliberate. His role is to facilitate the clandestine movement of migrants out of sight and mind.

He masks this violation of the law in Orwellian fashion by altering the language: “We never refer to people as illegal immigrants,” he told CNN on Sunday. “I have issued a policy… we designate them as non-citizens.” 

The Biden White House's lies RIO Grande
The Biden White House’s lies

The Biden White House’s lies that horseback Border Patrol agents “whipped” Haitian migrants.

The Biden administration figured it had an optics dilemma after failing to prevent Fox News’ drone from photographing the adapted refugee camp down the Del Rio bridge. As a result, Border Patrol was authorized to curb the tide of migrants across the Rio Grande.

On the rocky riverbed, they deployed horses to keep the crowd in check. Mayorkas would not have been able to clear the migrant camp by Friday if they had not done so.

Twitter activists exploited a photo of the operation to accuse the agents of whipping the migrants falsely what they described as whips were reins.

The administration’s hasty judgment was shameful. Agents were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, and horse patrols were terminated, thereby eliminating one of the last remaining tools for border security.

The VP compared the agents’ behavior to “the worst periods of our history… during slavery.” Mayorkas made the impression that they were racist.

The President pressed on, intimidating the agents with severe penalties for performing their duties.

“It was horrific to witness what you saw, to watch people treated in this manner,” Biden added. “Horses are running over them, and people are being strapped. It’s absurd. I maintain those people will pay.”

Mayorkas denied that the President’s misleading and inflammatory remark that migrants were “trapped” would affect the investigation of the horseback agents.

However, when asked about the use of “horsewhips” during Friday’s White House press conference, he described it as “horrifying.” He made no move to correct the reporter’s inaccurate description of reins.

The Biden White House lies about the US remaining in Afghanistan until every American has been evacuated.

Joe Biden stated this 13 days ahead of his self-imposed deadline of Aug. 31.

“If there are any remaining American people, we will remain to ensure their safety,” he told ABC News’s, George Stephanopoulos.

At least 100 Americans and many more Afghan comrades were abandoned. The FBI is now apparently paying visits to veterans’ houses working to honor the President’s word.

The Biden White House lies that Kabul’s Aug. 29 drone operation was a “just strike” against ISIS-K terrorists.

False. Ten unarmed civilians were killed, including seven children.

The Pentagon was misled and distorted for two weeks until The New York Times released actual video footage and eyewitness accounts of the awful reality.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the identities of those killed in an earlier drone operation on Aug. 27. We are meant to trust the Pentagon when it says bad individuals were killed, just as we are meant to believe Biden when he says the botched Afghanistan withdrawal was an “incredible success.” 

The Biden White House's lies Kabul
The Biden White House’s lies
The Biden White House’s lies have termed the Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, was back at it on Friday with another cock and bull narrative.

When Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked whether the White House stood by its assertion that Russians planted incriminating evidence on the President’s son’s abandoned laptop, Psaki upheld the fiction.

“I believe it is well accepted… that there was a wide spectrum of Russian disinformation in 2020.”

Accurate accounts of Biden family misconduct based on laptop files — which The Post has continuously published since October — have never involved Russians. That was simply the Biden campaign’s strategy of discrediting them, aided by former CIA Director John Brennan and 50 other disgraceful former intelligence officials whose phony accusations of a Russian plan served as a fig leaf for suppressing and besmirching The Post’s reporting.

The Biden White House’s lies about the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion social welfare program costing “zero” dollars.

Biden stated this on Friday when proposing slaying imaginary “trillionaires” with a cryptic bill that no one understands. “There is no cost attached to the debt… It will be zero, zero,” he stated.

The mathematics is self-explanatory. $3.5 trillion is not the same as zero.

Given so many lies, it’s natural that Biden’s approval rating among independent voters has dropped from 61% in January to 37% in September, according to a Gallup poll.

Gaslighting is only effective to a point. It is a lesson that several politicians have had to learn the hard way. At your risk, dismiss the electorate’s intelligence.

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