Over 50% of Democrats Prefer An Alternative To Biden in the 2024 Presidential Elections.

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As shown in a new poll out Sunday, Biden has the support of 45% of Democrats, while 51% of Democrats preferred an alternative to Biden’s candidacy. The majority of those who expressed their wish for the party to nominate a different candidate did not give specifics.

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• A little more than half of Democrats polled expressed a desire for their party to nominate an alternative candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

• Former President Donald Trump got support from half of Republicans polled, and only 49% said the GOP should renominate him in the same election.

• Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused President Joe Biden of failing to cancel student debt.

• Democrats have asked Biden to cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt for each federal borrower. Cancelling student loans is “one of the single most impactful things” Biden can do.

• Student debt totals $1.7 trillion, making it the second-largest source of debt in the United States, after mortgages.

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., hold a press conference in the Dirksen Senate Office Buidling to introduce the Student Loan Debt Relief Act to cancel student loan debt for millions of Americans .PHOTO COURTESY

The majority of Democrats Want the Party to Support a Biden-Alternative Candidate in 2024.

According to a recent poll, slightly more than half of Democrats want their party to nominate someone other than President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race.

On Sunday, the poll conducted by CNN queried registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who they thought the party “should nominate as the party’s candidate for president in 2024,” with Biden or another candidate as an option.

45% of Democrats believe the party should renominate Biden, while 51% want an alternative. 5% stated they had no opinion on the subject.

Of the Democrats who indicated they wanted a different candidate over Biden, 31% said it would avoid the president being reelected. In comparison, 35% said they believed Biden would win the Republicans. Nineteen percent expressed concern about Biden’s age—he is 79 years old.

The majority of those who stated their desire for the party to nominate a different candidate did not provide specifics. According to the statistics, just 12% of them expressed a preference, and none earned more than 5% support from Democrats who oppose Biden’s candidacy.

522 Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents were polled in the poll.

Former President Donald Trump garnered support from less than half of the Republicans surveyed. Fifty percent of registered Republicans indicated they wanted the GOP to renominate Trump in 2024, while 49% said they wanted the GOP to nominate someone else. Trump has not announced a new presidential campaign but has hinted that he may do so.

According to a recent poll, slightly more than half of Democrats want their party to nominate someone other than Vice President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race. This week, Biden talks at a Germanna Community College event in Culpeper, Virginia. WIN

The poll noted that both Biden and Trump’s ratings are low compared to previous surveys. In March 2010, a poll revealed that 79 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters desired that then-President Barack Obama be renominated for the upcoming presidential election. And a March 2018 poll found that 77% of Republicans preferred Trump’s re-nomination in 2020.

According to a different poll conducted this month, Biden’s approval rating is marginally higher than Trump’s at the same point in his term.

Investors Business Daily revealed that 44.4 percent of respondents approve of Biden. In February 2018, Trump received a 40% approval rating in one poll conducted the same year Republicans lost control of the House in the midterm elections.

Trump’s approval rating stood at 42.6 percent in November 2018, the month of the midterm elections.

Newsweek sought reaction from the White House but did not receive one before publication on Sunday morning.

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks during a news conference. PHOTO COURTESY

Biden’s inaction on student loan cancellation demotivates a critical constituency.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of Congress, faulted President Joe Biden for his inaction on student debt cancellation. Cortez asserts that Biden’s priority should be to cancel student loans and that his reluctance has ‘demoralized a vital vote bloc.’

“I cannot underscore how much the Biden Administration’s hesitancy to seek student loan cancellation has demoralized a vital voting bloc.”

Democrats have asked Biden to cancel $50,000 in federal student debt for every borrower.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the Biden administration’s reluctance on broad student debt relief in a new interview with the New Yorker.

The New York Democrat stated that canceling student loans is “one of the single most impactful things” President Joe Biden can do to have a broad impact.

“It is completely within his capacity,” Ocasio-Cortez stated. “This is not a discussion about offering relief to a small, isolated group of people. It is unquestionably a pivotal political action. Economically, I believe this is also a paramount action.”

She warned that Biden’s hesitation to extend broad student debt forgiveness might prove politically costly.

“I cannot overstate how much the Biden Administration’s hesitancy to seek student loan cancellation has demoralized a vital voting bloc that the President, the House, and the Senate require to retain any of our majority,” the congressman said.

Around 45 million Americans owe approximately $1.7 trillion in student loans, making it the second-largest source of debt in the US, after mortgages.

On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden stated that he would seek an immediate cancellation of at least $10,000 in federal student debt for each borrower. Since entering office, the Biden administration has urged Congress to put the plan into a bill that he can sign.

As with Ocasio-Cortez, numerous Democrats have suggested that Biden solve student debt using his executive authority. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, two leading proponents of student debt cancellation, have repeatedly urged Biden to exercise his power to forgive $50,000 for each federal borrower.

Biden has cast doubt on his legal standing to take such broad action to address the student debt crisis. Instead, he directed the Education Department to supply him with a letter addressing the matter in April. The Debt Collective, the nation’s first debtors’ union, discovered documents indicating that the agency completed the letter that same month, but the White House has yet to publicize its findings.

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