5 Actions That Propelled Joe Biden’s Approval Rating

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating has historically been consistent. Joe Biden’s first term reached the three-month mark last week and will reach the hundredth day this week.

The Biden presidency is now well underway, and the American people have a track record on which to judge him.

So far, the verdict has been historically consistent. Over nearly 100 days in Office, Biden has the highest approval rating for a president on record.

According to the average poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating is about 54 percent.

President Joe Biden's approval rating

By any measure, Joe Biden’s approval rating is not historically high at this stage. At this point, most other presidents in the post-World War II period had higher approval ratings than him.

The only apparent exceptions were Gerald Ford, who pardoned Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump, whose approval rating never rose above 50%.

What distinguishes Biden is that his approval rating at the start of his presidency was a very close 53%. In reality, if you combine the polls on any given day, you’ll see that Joe Biden’s approval rating has never risen above 55 percent and has even fallen as low as 52 percent in the more than three months he’s been in office. It has averaged slightly less than 54%.

The range of findings has fluctuated across a 3 point range. To put it lightly, this is a minimal range. During their 1st 100 days in office, the median difference between a president’s highest and lowest average approval rating has been 9.5 points.

Before Biden, the President with the narrowest range, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had a four-point difference between their highest and lowest average approval rating. Ford, the President with the most fantastic range, had a 26-point range.

However, the range of Joe Biden’s approval rating may be exaggerating his accuracy. He’s had a few days where he hit or fell below 55%, but those have been extremely rare.

If you constructed a confidence interval in which 95 percent of Joe Biden’s approval rating would fall, it would be within about a point of his average.

That is, once again, a record for every President in the post-World War II period within their first 100 days. Trump, who had a 95 percent confidence interval around his approval rating that was three times larger than Biden’s, had a 95 percent confidence interval around his approval rating three times larger than Biden’s.

It’s not shocking that Joe Biden’s approval rating hasn’t changed. They continue a pattern that we saw during last year’s presidential campaign.

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Biden had a consistent lead over Trump in national polls, ranging between 4 and 10 points on average. No other movement in the polling period had such a low turnout.

Despite a turbulent campaign that involved a coronavirus pandemic and demonstrations against police violence and racial inequality, Biden maintained a steady lead over Trump.

This year, Biden presided over the stage at which the vast majority of adults received a Covid-19 vaccine, as well as the passage of a significant coronavirus relief kit.

Despite this, his approval ratings have remained constant.

Biden’s consistent approval ratings imply that Trump’s figures were not unique to him. Instead, they all point to something special about our modern political climate.

For the past few decades, voters have been more entrenched in their beliefs. Democrats have been less likely to vote for (or approve of) Republicans and vice versa. Similarly, Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to defy their respective parties.

This level of division isn’t going anywhere, and it seems to be increasing.

Gallup’s data demonstrates this. During the few months of Biden’s presidency, Biden received an average approval rating of 96 percent among Democrats. That is the highest any president among members of his party in the first few months of a presidency.

Joe Biden’s approval rating among Republicans has averaged just 10%, tying him with Trump for the lowest in the opposition party.

The 86-point difference between how members of the two parties view Biden is the largest at the start of a presidency. It outperforms Trump by 77 points.

The Washington Post poll, too, reveals a record gap in how the parties view a president after this long in office.
The good news for Biden is that, unlike Trump, his approval rating is above 50%. He’ll be content with stability if it means more people approve of him.

The good news for Biden is that, unlike Trump, he has an approval rating of more than 50%. He’ll be happy with stability if it means more people like him.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is just above 50%, which could be a source of concern for him. Due to division, more of Biden’s popularity may be baked in than that of other presidents; it would only take a minor shift for Biden’s approval rating to fall below 50%.

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We have no single idea what the rest of Biden’s presidency will be like. Something would almost certainly shake things up, either for the better or for, the worse for the President.

What do you think of these ratings? Comment below.

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