Joe Biden Bleeding Approval Ratings-Not Good

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At this stage, Joe Biden’s approval rating stands worse than every recent President’s — except for one. Joe Biden is on the brink of carving his name into history – and not in a good way.

Gallup’s most recent poll shows the President’s approval numbers at just 42%, the worst of his presidency thus far and the second-lowest of any president Gallup has tracked at this point in their presidency in almost five decades.

Here is a comparison of Biden’s approval rating with that of his forebears in Gallup polls-all data courtesy of the exceptional Gallup Presidential Approval Center:

  • 88% – George W. Bush-(288 days)
  • 70%-George H.W. Bush-(289 days)
  • 54% – Jimmy Carter-(277 days)
  • 53%-Ronald Reagan-(286 days)
  • 52%-Barack Obama-(271 days)
  • 47%-Bill Clinton-(271 days)
  • 42%-Joe Biden-(272 days)
  • 37% – Donald Trump-(283 days)

A confluence of factors behind Biden’s bleeding approval rating

Noteworthy: Both Bushes enjoyed enormous popularity at this point in their presidencies due to external events. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, George W. Bush was still in the stratosphere. For George H.W. Bush, his polling was boosted after China’s Tienanmen Square attack in June 1989 and the presumed end of the Cold War.

Biden’s polling numbers have plummeted in recent months, according to Gallup. As late as June, a significant majority of the country-56% approved of the job he had done. This figure began to decline around the end of the summer, falling from 49% approval in August to 43% in September and has stuck at that low level throughout the larger part of the fall.

Biden’s polling drop is self-evident: A confluence of events, including a botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, an increase in Covid-19 cases due to the Delta variant, an ongoing supply chain crisis, and a renewed focus on the President and Democrats in Congress’s constant strife to pass the large part of the President’s domestic agenda.

Several of those trends – most notably the outbreak of the Delta variant and its wreaking havoc on the country’s unvaccinated – are not Biden’s doing. However, as President, you must assume responsibility for anything going wrong in the country, regardless of your doing. That is Biden’s present predicament.

Biden approval numbers in perspective

But, as the data here indicate, it’s important to note that a president’s job approval rating nine months into his term is not usually indicative of how he will fare in a second term bid. George H.W. Bush was defeated for reelection while having a 70% approval rating after 280 days into the presidency. Likewise with Jimmy Carter with his an approval rating then of 54%. Bill Clinton won despite his polling at less than 50%.

The actual threat posed by Biden’s current approval rating slump is for his party’s congressional candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. When a president’s approval rating drops below 50%, his party loses an average of 37 House seats. Average!

Trump’s approval rating lingered in the low 40s in the penultimate Gallup poll conducted ahead of the election, and Republicans lost 40 House seats and the majority. Obama’s approval rating fell to 45% in 2010, and Democrats lost 63 seats and the majority. Clinton had a 46 percent approval rating in 1994, and the Democratic Party lost 53 seats and the majority.

You realize the data is rather conclusive – and it does not bode well for Democrats in 2022.

However, it’s important to note that the date is late October 2021, not 2022. And that if Biden and congressional Democrats can strike a deal on both the “hard” infrastructure plan and the social safety net legislation, Democrats might have an attractive package of successes to offer to voters next November. Moreover, the trend lines for Covid-19 infections are trending downward, and if this trend continues, Biden may recover somewhat from the overall upswing in the populace’s attitude.


Meanwhile, at this juncture, Biden’s approval rating woes have set his party in a precarious political position – one that they have minimal control over.

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