Biden to address nation on chaos in Afghanistan after US Troop Withdrawal

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President Joe Biden will return to the White House Monday to address the nation on Afghanistan, a country that had been rendered unsafe by an evacuation effort.

The President’s decision came after U.S forces faced death at Kabul’s airport as thousands attempted to escape from their homeland before fleeing the Taliban takeover — all within one day of its occurrence earlier this week.

While President Biden and other top officials were stunned with what they witnessed happen so quickly, he is set to travel back east for his first public comments addressing these recent events since last Friday when plans emerged for American withdrawal.

Thousands attempted to escape Afghanistan through Kabul’s airport in the wake of Taliban forces seizing power with astonishing speed. Some clung onto a U.S military plane before takeoff in an emotional video that captured the sense of desperation as America’s 20-year war comes to an end and Afghans attempt their lives once again.

Another video showed the Afghans falling as the plane gained altitude over Kabul. The speed of Afghanistan’s government collapse and ensuing chaos posed America’s most serious test for Biden, who was subject to withering criticism from Republicans that he had failed.

Chaotic scenes unfolded at Kabul airport Monday. Afghan citizens tried desperately to find space on departing military flights, with American forces resorting to firing warning shots and using helicopters to clear a path for transport aircraft.

Joe Biden faced an enormous challenge during chaotic periods in which his country’s troop withdrawal resulted in rapid governmental decline following years of warfare-induced economic instability caused by Taliban insurgent violence around coalition troops stationed there after 9/11 attacks led by Osama Bin Laden were authorized said continued until Ustaz

Biden is a seasoned expert in international relations and has spent months downplaying the prospect of an ascendant Taliban while arguing that Americans have tired of this long-lasting war.

By Sunday, leading figures in the administration had to acknowledge that they were caught off guard with how quickly Afghan security forces collapsed after sporadic gunfire was heard at Kabul airport.

With reports of these events coming out on Monday morning and the U.S Embassy being evacuated completely.

Americans waiting for flights found themselves seeking shelter as their planes arrived from abroad while awaiting any updates about what might happen next or where else they could go if need be- though many made no plans ahead of time because it seemed too unlikely this would ever really come to pass.

The majority of people in the United States, like Joe Biden himself as vice president and President Obama’s choice for his successor on this subject matter, agreed with a withdrawal from Afghanistan because it was unsustainable to continue soldiering.

After receiving daily updates about how little progress had been made over years of fighting when he was VP under Barack Obama’s administration.

Even though many lives were lost in vain – Joe decided that peace talks would be more effective than fighting an immortal force.

“There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy in the —oftheUnitedStatesfrom Afghan.”

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