Joe Biden And His Bolstered Chances

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Joe Biden And His Bolstered Chances

Joe Biden’s candidature has been a hard one to predict, was almost lackluster if you may.

Firstly, it appeared like taking some important states for granted, not in a wrong way, though, just lacking the seriousness of a candidate galvanizing for support to be the frontrunner in the primaries.

It can be explained by the reduction in numbers of black voters in South Carolina, from the 54% support he enjoyed.

According to CBS November poll to 35%, that put him just slightly ahead of Sanders of utmost urgency, therefore, to avoid slipping into second place was to avoid losing black voters.

Biden argued that he didn’t need to spend so much time introducing himself to voters after almost five decades in the spotlight, makes some sense because it’s true he has a long history in South Carolina, in 1972 when he was grieving the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Joe Biden had plans to represent Delaware in Washington, the decision defined his adult life, and in ensuing years, the Biden family vacationed in South Carolina regularly and plotted political strategy on the covered porches of the rental mansion.

As for the black voters, he argued that they know him well,” They know I’ve had Barack’s back.” He said. Obama remains the most popular Democrat in the country, and more so, South Carolina and Biden spent recent days alleging on the trail that Sanders was disloyal to Obama.

 Joe Biden And His Bolstered Chances

In South Carolina, therefore, Biden sees many of the State’s veteran activists as personal friends.

Many dating from his first run for the nomination back in 1988, he tends to be more relaxed and loose-tongued when there, which simultaneously brings out his best campaign instincts.

Are these factors enough, though?

I don’t think so if you ask me, modern-day politics need something more than just friendship or homeboy factor, something beyond this coupled with prevailing circumstances play a significant role.

Besides,there’s money factor that can easily take away native support, Biden, for example, has to contend with billionaires like Steyer.

His best shot, therefore, is to rebuild the winning Obama coalition, including sky-high support among African Americans.

Well, he won South Carolina a victory that now gives him a fresh start as the Democrats Frontrunner; this was almost his only chance to make his candidature a realistic one.

Otherwise, it was Sanders for taking, but that’s not enough, it’s going to be hard, and no one sees that clearer than Biden himself.

Every indication shows Biden is the preferred choice of the powerful conservative Democratic establishment-euphemistically known as the “Moderate” after their relentless campaign to stop at nothing to ensure a comeback for Biden.

There’s still a slight possibility of Sanders catching up but reading the signs, and it’s safe to say it’s almost unlikely.

Going forward and using the South Carolina victory as a springboard, Biden now has the task of cementing his place as the Democrats frontrunner.

First things first, but he must start looking like a formidable force against Trump who my gut feeling tells me, preferred to face off with Sanders than a strongly “Moderates” backed candidate like Biden.

This awakens the bitterness of Clinton’s loss and Obama’s euphoric support, two factors that have the ingredients of igniting purpose.

Biden must ride on these towers over Sanders and eventually give Trump a good run for his money.

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