Advocates, Victims Decry Biden’s Gun Control Plan As “Piecemeal”

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Monday marked four years since a teen gunman killed 17 people. On the campaign trail in 2020, Mr. Biden vowed stern action on gun violence, from eliminating legal immunity for gun manufacturers to banning assault weapons. Today, survivors are disappointed with Biden’s inaction on gun control.

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• Why Parkland survivors express dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s action on gun reform.

• Monday marks four years since a young shooter massacred 14 students and three teachers at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

• Manuel Oliver, who lost his son Joaquin in the Parkland tragedy, staged a solo protest atop a White House nearby construction tower.

Artist and anti-gun activist Manny Oliver, wife Patricia (C), the parents of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, Joaquin’s girlfriend Victoria Gonzalez (L). PHOTO COURTESY

Activists for gun control frustrated with President Biden.

Survivors of a school tragedy that claimed 17 lives expressed dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s lack of gun regulation.

Monday marks four years since a young shooter massacred 14 students and three teachers at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Mr. Biden commemorated the occasion by stressing his first year in office‘s efforts to curb gun crime.

However, disgruntled activists argue that it is insufficient.

“They campaigned on one of the most comprehensive plans for reducing gun violence,” Guns Down America executive director Igor Volsky told CNN.

“The fact that they haven’t done all possible is unacceptable.”

Mr. Biden pledged severe action on gun violence during the 2020 campaign, from eliminating legal protection for gun makers to outlawing assault weapons.

Mr. Volsky asserted that the then-candidate made “personal promises” to survivors and victims’ families that the issue would be a top priority if elected.

However, while his office, the president has been hampered by Congress, where bills mandating background checks for gun sales and plugging legal loopholes have stalled for months, forcing him to fall back on executive orders.

On Monday, he hailed those steps as part of his “comprehensive plan to combat gun crime” and urged Congress to adopt further financing measures and legislation he supports.

“We can work together to fulfill our government’s and democracy’s primary responsibility: to keep each other safe,” his statement continues. “It is time to honor that solemn commitment for Parkland, for all those we have lost, and for all those left behind.”

Activists including Parkland Shooting survivor and activist David Hogg. PHOTO COURTESY

2021 will be one of the brutal years in the history of gun violence.

However, activists point out that 2021 was one of the bloodiest years in decades for gun violence, and Mr. Biden, while sensitive to their concerns, has offered only “piecemeal” measures rather than a comprehensive plan.

“I’m disappointed. If I could say one thing to the president, it would be that we need you to go out and act immediately to avert another Parkland. “According to CNN, David Hogg, one of the most outspoken Parkland survivors, stated.

He stated that Mr. Biden might have demonstrated his commitment to the issue by establishing a national office of gun violence prevention or perhaps declaring a national emergency. He could also take lesser steps that do not require congressional approval.

March for Our Lives, an organization co-founded by Mr. Hogg in the aftermath of the 2018 tragedy, launched a new website called the Shock Market on Monday. The website chronicles all firearm-related deaths and injuries since President Biden assumed office.

Meanwhile, Manuel Oliver – who lost his son Joaquin in the attack – was seen staging a one-man protest on Monday morning atop a construction tower near the White House. According to footage from the scene, Mr. Oliver then climbs down and is led away by police.

Along with two others, he was apprehended, and each of the three defendants remains in custody.

A coalition led by Guns Down America, March for Our Lives, and Mr. Oliver’s Change the Ref is also due to protest outside the White House later Monday, pressing for more aggressive action.

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