Biden’s COVID19 Vaccination Mandates Banned

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COVID19 vaccination mandates

COVID19 vaccination mandates introduced by Biden’s administration have prompted Texas Governor Abbott to issue an executive order banning mandatory Covid vaccinations in protest of Biden.


  • On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed an executive order banning businesses from mandating employees or customers to receive Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • The governor stated that it was triggered by the Biden administration’s vaccination mandate, which he regarded as an overreach by the federal government. Abbot has also lobbied against mask mandates and vaccination verifications.
  • The right-wing outcry over Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate has devolved into incendiary rhetoric that analysts worry could turn into direct and violent action.
  • In January, the rhetoric deemed toxic amid a tumultuous political context culminated in a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Abbott has also opposed state-mandated masks and vaccination verification requirements.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed Texas executive order banning anybody, including private enterprises, from requiring employees or customers to receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

“While the COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective, it should always be voluntary,” Abbott stated in a statement.

Abbott, a Republican, stated in his order that the order was sparked by the Biden administration’s vaccination mandate, which he termed as an overreach by the federal government.

President Joe Biden announced last month a mandate requiring businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure that their employees are vaccinated or tested regularly. Although the Labor Department has not yet released details of the emergency rule, Biden last week urged businesses to take action now rather than waiting for the regulation to take effect.

Abbott, who came positive for Covid in August, has also opposed mandatory mask use and vaccination verification. Abbott invested in monoclonal antibody infusion centers in Texas due to the state’s persistent increase in cases and overcrowded hospitals.

Vaccination mandates
COVID19 vaccination mandates

GOP-led states ban Biden’s COVID19 vaccination mandates

Abbott issued executive orders this summer prohibiting local governments and school districts from requiring masks or vaccinations and imposing $1,000 fines on those who do not comply.

The order has been challenged in court by the school districts in San Antonio and Dallas. Similarly, in June, the Legislature enacted a bill prohibiting private businesses from requiring customers to show proof of vaccination.

Abbott also sent a memo in Monday’s order notifying that the state House’s chief clerk and Senate’s secretary codify the mandate in the bill. He stated that the order would be revoked if the Republican-controlled Legislature passed the bill.

Other states run by Republicans have taken a similar tack. Montana has enacted legislation prohibiting employers from requiring vaccinations. This year, Florida also prohibits businesses from requiring proof of vaccination.

Vaccination mandates
COVID19 vaccination mandates

Biden’s COVID19 vaccination mandate termed “Authoritarian, Fascist, Totalitarian & Tyrannical.”

The right-wing outcry over Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate has evolved into incendiary rhetoric that observers fear could materialize into direct and violent action.

Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina has sworn to fight “to the gates of hell” to safeguard the liberties and livelihoods of all South Carolinians. Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi tweeted: “While the vaccine is life-saving, this unconstitutional step is troubling.”

The fight over vaccine mandates is the latest chapter in a toxic culture war over efforts to contain the highly contagious Delta variant, causing 150,000 cases and 1,500 deaths daily at the time.

And the right-wing media went farther, casually tossing around labels like “authoritarian,” “fascist,” “totalitarian,” and “tyrannical” to portray the US president’s mandate that all employers with more than 100 employees compel employees to be vaccinated or tested for the virus weekly.

The rhetoric was perceived harmful in a tumultuous political climate that sparked a tragic insurrection on 6 January at the US Capitol in Washington.

COVID19 vaccination mandates
COVID19 vaccination mandates

At the time, police near the Democratic National Committee offices apprehended a man armed with multiple knives, a bayonet, and a machete.

The White House is sure that it has the support of the majority of the public, but Fox News and other right-wing news organizations have painted the president as a dictator.

It is debatable whether the right-wing cacophony will inspire more than a tiny element of Trump’s base. “How’s that mass civil disobedience effort against vaccine mandates going?” David Frum, a former speechwriter and special assistant to President George W Bush tweeted.

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