Biden Files Backlash; 6 More Classified Documents Struck In Delaware

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Classified Documents

Since it was revealed on Saturday that classified documents had been struck at President Biden’s private home in Wilmington, Del., Republicans in Congress have used political talk shows to proclaim aggressive investigations into how Biden and his top advisers handled classified materials during the Obama administration.

Classified Documents
President Biden walks from St. Edmund Roman Catholic Church after attending Mass in Rehoboth Beach, Del. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

US Files: More classified documents at Joe Biden’s Home

During a 13-hour search of President Biden’s home in Delaware, investigators from the US Department of Justice (DoJ) uncovered six additional classified documents, according to Biden’s attorney.

There were records from his time as a senator and his time as Obama’s vice president found at his Wilmington home on Friday.

According to attorney Bob Bauer, the materials and information around the case were also removed.

Biden senior and Mrs. Biden were noticeably absent.

Mr. Bauer announced on Saturday that the President had granted “access to his home to allow DoJ to conduct a search of the full premises for potential vice-presidential records and any classified material.”

There is a criminal inquiry into whether or not former President Donald Trump improperly handled sensitive information during his time in office.

In a statement released earlier this month, Mr. Biden’s attorneys said that on November 2, the first batch of classified documents was discovered at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank formed by the President’s vice president.

His lawyers have alleged that other documents were foundin the garage of his Wilmington home on December 20 and in a storage area on January 12.

According to the President, his team promptly forwarded the documents to the National Archives and the Department of Justice after discovering them. Mr. Biden’s decision to keep them is puzzling.

At the end of each administration, the White House is required by law to turn over its records to the National Archives, where they can be safely preserved for future generations.

Classified Documents
Former U.S. President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago home on December 31, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. [Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

How the classified documents were handled is under review, and special counsel Robert Hur has been brought in to head the probe.

The President’s political future is still being determined as he mulls over whether to seek reelection in 2024, and the prolonged search and subsequent discovery of more documents are a nuisance.

Mr. Biden and Mrs. Jill Biden are spending the weekend at their second home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The New York Times reports that his attorneys said a property search earlier this month turned nothing.

Deepening controversy

Awkward questions about the President’s commitment to transparency have arisen due to the two-month delay between the first Biden discovery and the news’s public release in January. Although their contents are still unknown and their existence has been acknowledged in a succession of damning acknowledgments over the last two weeks, Vice President Biden previously claimed that “there’s nothing there” regarding the documents. Nonetheless, the dispute shows no signs of abating, with some Democrats refusing to accept his reassurances and Republicans feeling emboldened despite a rough start to the new Congress for their House majority.

Mr. Biden’s staff maintains that the President has provided full cooperation to the Department of Justice investigation. Mr. Biden has downplayed the situation as a mistake, claiming he has “no regrets” about not making public the discovery of some classified materials before the midterm elections in November.

Hundreds of classified documents were found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where he has been accused of mishandling them and failing to cooperate with a subpoena.

Classified Documents
Image caption, Secret service personnel at Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington last week | REUTERS

Until the FBI searched Mr. Trump’s Florida vacation home last August, he and his lawyers had resisted turning over the documents. Instead, he says the FBI is unfairly favoring President Biden.

Mr. Trump’s handling of the documents was “extremely reckless,” as stated by Vice President Biden at the time.

Mr. Trump has not explained their appearance but has claimed he has the power as President to declassify them, a claim that legal experts have contested.

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