Biden’s Thanksgiving Address: President-elect Spoke About the Pandemic

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On Wednesday Biden’s Thanksgiving Address was issued, President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. conveyed a raw, compassionate, and hopeful address to Americans, asking them to “hold tight” as they confronted a long, hard winter and spiking with Covid cases across the nation. 

Biden's Thanksgiving Address
Biden’s Thanksgiving Address

“Thinking back over our set of experiences, you see that it’s been in the most troublesome conditions that the spirit of our country has been fashioned,” Mr. Biden stated, talking straightforwardly to the camera from the stage at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Biden has fashioned himself as the head of an enduring country and assumed the void left for him by the Oval Office’s current occupant. 

President-elect Joe Biden encouraged Americans to avoid potential risk and come together in the battle against the pandemic in a renouncement of President Trump’s disruptiveness. ‘America won’t lose this war,’ Biden says as he encourages the nation to continue against the infection. 

In language that filled in as an absolute renunciation of President Trump, he asked Americans to unite to battle the infection.

He pointed out that he figured the nation has become exhausted from the battle. However, he was swift to remind Americans that they were at war with the infection, not with each other, not with one another. 

Again, in his address, Biden didn’t fall short of encouraging Americans to practice social distancing and wear face masks.

He pointed out that none of the health protocols. They’re urging individuals to adhere to make for political statements. He noted that all of the steps were science-based. 

In the early days of the pandemic, Mr. Trump had attempted to fashion himself as a “wartime president,” before erroneously asserting that the nation had “rounded the curve.” On Wednesday, Mr. Biden seemed to take the wartime baton. 

The President-elect encouraged Americans to try not to yield to the fatigue and that America won’t lose the war. 

Mr. Biden’s thanksgiving address came minutes after Mr. Trump called into a hotel a group of Republican state legislators in Pennsylvania to examine outlandish allegations of voting irregularities in the state, 

He again asserted he won the election he had lost and demanded that the election’s results be “turned” to support himself. 

Interestingly, Mr. Biden commended the sacredness of the vote and the numerous Americans who cast their ballots in record numbers in the face of the seething pandemic. 

Mr. Biden said that the 2020 polls tested American democracy and that they’ve since learned that the American people are capable. He stated that in America, they have full, fair, and free elections. And afterward, they honor the outcomes. 

Mr. Biden described voting as the noblest instrument of peaceful dissent ever conceptualized.  

The President-elect’s address was infused with his very own pain, which he regularly draws from as he looks to lead a nation that has so far lost more than 260,000 lives to the pandemic. 

In the speech, he recalls the first Thanksgiving, the empty seat, the silence he stated, alluding to the demise of his son Beau Biden in 2015.

It blew his mind. It wasn’t easy to care. It wasn’t easy to express gratitude. It wasn’t easy to try and consider looking forward.

It’s so difficult to hope. As such, Mr. Biden said he empathized with Americans’ loss amidst the pandemic.

Biden’s Thanksgiving Address was a powerful one just a few days after Trump gave the go-ahead for Biden’s Transition.

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