Biden’s Immigration Policies: A Threat to National Security!

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Apparently, to critiques, two of Joe Biden’s immigration policy reversals have possibly aggravated national security risks. Biden’s action to limit border security has resulted in a tremendous influx of illegal aliens, drug dealers, human traffickers, and, all too conceivably, terrorists. And by undermining Trump’s merit-based immigration reform effort, Biden has hampered the US’s technology race with China, which has unforeseen economic and military ramifications.

An unsecured border poses a grave threat to national security.

Open borders, which allow illegal migrants to enter relatively freely, foster criminal acts. Since Biden’s inauguration, an unprecedented wave of illegal border crossings has occurred. Per the US Customs and Border Patrol, monthly border arrests have risen to tens of thousands, a 30-year high. Criminals are among those apprehended and later released at the border. Several other criminals bypass border security and enter the country as well.

The Biden administration has instituted draconian policies aimed at law enforcement agencies tasked with the responsibility of removing both criminals and illegal immigration. Officers have been ordered to effectively overlook the presence of thousands of individuals who have no legal right to be in the nation, including some who have been tried deported by a judge. Deportations fell to their lowest level on record in May.


The Biden Border Crisis

Biden’s detractors argue that the illegal immigration in the United States might grow by millions during Biden’s first year in office—a direct outcome of Biden’s disastrous policies. The administration has already encountered more than 1.7 million people at the border, which does not include those who entered undetected.

Lax border security and a lack of interior enforcement, coupled with assurances of legislative or “de facto” amnesty, generate real incentives for immigrants to swarm to the border and pursue illegal entry. Many believe they have a high likelihood of entering, settling, and working in the United States without fear of expulsion, and they also hope for citizenship.

According to observers, the security implications of open borders and an ineffective and uncontrolled immigration system are considerable. The most noticeable effect is on transnational crime. Undocumented people are targets of a wide variety of crimes, ranging from rape and robbery to human trafficking.

Further threats arise as a result of cartels’ control over the transnational activity. According to Department of Homeland Security statistics, almost 50% of undocumented people in the 1970s counted on the services of smugglers. Currently, that figure exceeds 95%. Smugglers charge between thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per person to cross the border. The cartels have reaped record riches under Biden.

The cartels then reinvest their revenues in more illegal enterprises. For example, cartels are responsible for transporting the majority of fentanyl into the United States. This has exacerbated the country’s opioid addiction and overdose epidemics.

According to immigration commentators, the terrorist threat is far greater. American adversaries such as ISIS and al Qaeda remain, and US defense and intelligence officials have warned of a renewed transnational terrorist threat following Biden’s chaotic and disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

Terrorists could send a team to the United States to stage a 9/11-scale attack. Lately, the most effective method of infiltrating a team into the United States would be through the porous southern border, hidden among the enormous numbers of persons illegally entering the border.


The merit-based immigration system afforded to compete with China in the technology sector

Since 1965, the United States’ immigration system has favored family reunions. Between 2006 and 2015, over two-thirds of all green cards were awarded to immigrants who already had a family connection in the United States. Only 14% of green cards were issued based on employment.

By boosting America’s workforce and productivity, skilled immigrants contribute to the country’s economic prosperity. Additionally, economic prosperity contributes to increased national security. Family reunification is permitted under merit-based immigration but is limited to spouses and minor children. What it does not permit is the entry of parents, grandparents, and adult children into the United States.

The United States and China are locked in a technical arms race. The leading economy and military force of the twenty-first century will emerge as the winner. A reformed immigration system would go a long way toward achieving this end. The American people are wary of accepting a world ruled by brutal tyranny.

China’s ambition is to be the world’s technological leader. China is already doing this through its Thousand Talents Plan, which the Chinese government claims have recruited over 7,600 scientists and engineers since 2008.

Before and during World War II, the United States drew great talent from abroad. America needs to simplify the immigration process for foreign nationals seeking to start new businesses. The other strategy for attracting top technical talent is to create an entrepreneur- and investor-friendly immigration system.


America will not afford the current immigration policies.

Immigration policies, according to Biden’s detractors, should improve the freedom, security, and prosperity of both American citizens and immigrants.

To begin, according to these naysayers. America must revert to Trump-era policies that secured the southern border—not simply to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, but also to combat transnational crime and terrorism.

Besides, America’s immigration system must be modernized through merit-based policies that will assist America in winning the technological race with China and growing the American economy.

Unless a catastrophic crisis occurs, the Biden administration will maintain its current immigration policies. However, the next Administration ought to respond swiftly if elected to the White House.

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