Biden Remains Focused On His Agenda After Summer Break 2021

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The fall of the Afghan government, a spike in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant, catastrophic weather events, and a frustrating jobs report are just some of the headlines that have made the news in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East over the last 24 hours-what will happen next? Biden Remains Focused On His Agenda despite the ongoing critics of his latest move.

Joe Biden’s relentless summer put his White House on life support and sent his poll numbers plummeting. He now hopes for a post-Labor Day to reframe the national debate in the direction of his two domestic ambitions: enacting a bipartisan infrastructure plan and advancing a Democratic-led social safety net expansion. “You must multitask 24 hours a day,” presidential historian Michael Beschloss explains.

Officials at the White House are eager to refocus Biden’s public schedule on matters critical to his plan. The White House was instrumental in articulating the repercussions of the disorderly Afghanistan pullout

Now, officials want to prioritize the State Department and other agencies in assisting stranded Americans and evacuees.

Biden Remains Focused On His Agenda

President Joe Biden attempted to reclaim the position of public salesperson for his domestic agenda and reassert his claim to the mantle of the middle-class warrior. 

He reiterated his proposal for corporate rates to be increased to fund free community college, paid family leaves, and an expansion of the child tax credit. While Biden may like to turn the page, aides know that the issues are far from over.

On Tuesday, President Biden will go to New York and New Jersey to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. He is attempting to spin the hurricane’s devastation into a new push for infrastructure spending. 

His staff has spoken with and met with members of Congress on the infrastructure bill and spending package more than 130 times.

Biden Remains Focused On His Agenda Conclusion

Ron Klain, White House chief of staff, said Manchin is “very receptive” to the $3.5 trillion social spending program. Cabinet officials have also met with lawmakers and visited 80 congressional districts to support the administration’s agenda. 

According to Beschloss, Biden may have an advantage over some of his predecessors in resolving crises to keep his legislative agenda on track.

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