Biden’s January 6 Speech To Revolve Around Trump’s Role In The Insurrection

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January 6

President Joe Biden will commemorate the first anniversary of January 6, 2021, insurrection by giving remarks on Thursday morning centered on former President Donald Trump’s “singular culpability” in the assault on the Capitol, according to the White House.


  • President Joe Biden to address the nation on the first anniversary of January 6, 2021, insurrection. Biden will lay out President Trump’s “unique culpability” for the Capitol’s chaos and carnage.
  • That day’s events resulted in Donald Trump’s second impeachment by the United States House of Representatives.
  • Biden will address GOP lawmakers’ “silence and complacency,” spokesperson Jen Psaki adds. Pelosi announced a series of Capitol Hill events to mark the first anniversary of the January 6 attack.
  • The events are meant to serve as a time for reflection, memory, and recommitment. Republicans have been reluctant to talk about what occurred that day and President Donald Trump’s involvement in the chaos.
January 6
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Biden slated to lay bear the events of January 6, Trump’s part in wreaking havoc and carnage on Capitol Hill.

One year ago in Washington, DC, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in response to the then-President’s rally on the Ellipse outside the White House. Trump cast doubt on the 2020 presidential election results.

The events of the day culminated in Trump’s second House impeachment. The insurrection sparked the FBI’s greatest investigation in its history, with 700 people arrested and hundreds more on the run. Additionally, a House select committee is investigating the events that led up to the riots. Two Trump allies have been charged in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with committee investigators after being subpoenaed.

On Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a series of events to commemorate the January 6 anniversary, including a minute of silence on the House floor and testimony from lawmakers remembering the traumatic attack.

During Wednesday’s press conference, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden is set to “lay bear the significance of what happened at the Capitol and President Trump’s singular culpability for the chaos and carnage.”

January 6
President Donald Trump

In an overview of the President’s remarks, Psaki stated that Biden will also “rebut the previous President’s falsehood and effort to mislead the American people and his supporters and detract from his part and what transpired.”

The insurrection occurred barely two weeks before Biden’s inauguration, casting a pall over the new President’s government. And despite a succession of dismissed court challenges, botched state election audits, and other rejected conspiracy theories, many Trump supporters continue to cast doubt on Biden’s validity.

President Biden is expected to speak about that turbulent day, which resulted in five fatalities, the significance of “history of the peaceful transfer of power,” and what the US needs to do “to safeguard democracy and be forward-thinking.”

Biden would discuss Republican lawmakers’ “silence and complacency” since January 6 and voting rights. Psaki said that Trump “abused his office, weakened the Constitution, and disregarded his oath to the American people to accumulate more power; for himself & his allies.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is also slated to speak on Thursday about the insurrection’s anniversary.

According to a White House official, Harris is expected to declare “that the insurrection was not only an assault on the Capitol but an assault on the freedom and values.”

“The vice president will emphasize that the American experiment is being put to the test and that we must act to protect voting rights, assure free and fair elections, and preserve our democracy for future generations. She will also pay tribute to the brave men and women in law enforcement who fought to defend our democracy, safeguarded the Capitol, and saved the lives of those there,” the official said in a statement.

While Trump was set to conduct a news conference on the anniversary of the insurrection, he unexpectedly canceled it. Allies had cautioned him that it would create unnecessarily difficult circumstances for Republicans and himself.

Rather than holding a news conference on Thursday, Trump is expected to air his concerns in an Arizona campaign-style rally next week.

Lawmakers and historians to honor the anniversary

Pelosi planned a series of Capitol events to mark a year since the horrific attack in late December.

In a letter to Democrats, Pelosi stated that the events are “designed as a time for reflection, memory, and recommitment, in the spirit of togetherness, patriotism, and prayerfulness.”

At 12:00 p.m., a prayer and a minute of silence will be held on the House floor. Following that, a moderated dialogue with historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Jon Meacham will take place. According to Pelosi’s letter, the debate will assist in “creating and perpetuating the narrative of January 6.”

Following that, lawmakers will have the opportunity to deliver testimonials to “share their observations on the day.” Rep. Jason Crow, a Democrat from Colorado, will preside over the testimonials. Crow was one of the lawmakers stuck inside the House chamber during the attack and was famously seen down to assist a colleague who appeared to be in trouble.

“Any trauma affects everyone,” Crow, a former Army Ranger, stated shortly after the attack. “Nobody is immune to it, and everyone reacts differently.”

Later that evening, a prayer vigil would be conducted on the Capitol’s main steps, with participation by House and Senate lawmakers.

January 6
Capitol steps

While congressional Democrats have organized a full day of events to draw attention to what occurred during the insurrection, congressional Republicans have appeared hesitant to discuss it, let alone Trump’s role.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy made a passing reference to the January 6 anniversary in a letter to House Republicans at the start of the new year but did not mention the former President.

“On that day, the events were lawless and wrong as wrong. The Capitol should never be compromised, and those who violate it should face legal consequences and full accountability,” he added.

McCarthy then shifted his focus to Democratic criticism.

“Unfortunately, one year later, the majority party appears no closer to resolving the basic question of how the Capitol was left unprepared and what must be done to prevent this from happening again. Rather than that, they’re using it as a partisan political weapon to polarize the country further,” he explained.

Republican leaders will be absent from the Capitol on Thursday. The House is out of session, and some Republican senators are traveling to Georgia for a memorial service for the late Sen. Johnny Isakson.

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