Biden-India Family Ties: Could US-India Relation Deepen 2021 Onwards?

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Biden-India Family Ties

Biden-India family ties mystery came up during the Biden-Modi meeting.  On Friday, President Joe Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for crucial discussions about the Indo-Pacific region. But first, the two apprised themselves of the Biden-India family ties to the subcontinent.

Biden recounted receiving a letter from a man in Mumbai shortly after being elected to the United States Senate for the first time. The man’s surname was likewise Biden. The President stated that he never had the opportunity to follow up.

Capt. George Biden & Biden-India family ties anecdote

Biden later visited India as Vice President and recounts being asked by local reporters if he had any Indian kin. He related the letter’s story. The following day, Biden stated, he was informed by the Indian press that at least a few Bidens resided in India.

“And, even though we never admitted it. I discovered that a Capt. George Biden served as a captain in the East India Tea Company in India,” Biden explained. He seemed to be alluding to the British East India Company, a centuries-old commercial empire that ruled over trade in colonized India and parts of southeast Asia for generations.

Biden, who often refers to his Irish background, said that the British tie was “difficult for an Irishman to admit.”

Biden, who has previously told versions of the anecdote to Indian audiences, stated that Capt. Biden “supposedly stayed and married an Indian woman,” but he could not procure any details.

Modi was in Washington, he quipped, “to assist me in figuring it out.”

Modi Confirms Biden-India Family Ties

Indeed, Modi told the President that he had “hunted” for documents shedding light on the President’s Mumbai ties and had taken his findings with him.

“Are we related?” Biden inquired.

The prime minister affirmed that the 46th President of the United States of America did indeed have family ties to the subcontinent.

“Perhaps we will be able to forward this matter, and perhaps those documents will prove useful to you,” Modi told Biden.

Biden-India Family Ties
Biden-India Family Ties

Where are India-US Relations Headed in the Biden Era?

It’s America’s national interest to continue strengthening its fast pace emerging strategic, economic, and people-to-people ties with India, according to a top US ambassador assigned by President Joe Biden as a point person for South and Central Asia.

Donald Lu, who was qualified to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs, briefed members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the confirmation hearing on Wednesday that as two great Indo-Pacific powers, “we must work to ensure that our Asian partners remain sovereign and independent, & not dominated by a single power.”

“It is in our national interest to continue strengthening our fast emerging strategic, economic, and people-to-people ties with India while also speaking candidly about human rights and democratic values,” he stated.

“As two major democracies, we ought to exemplify by our example why democracy fosters peace, stability, and individual liberty,” Mr. Lu stated.

He has worked in India, Pakistan, and Central Asia throughout his 30 years with the State Department.

“And together, as two great free-market economies, we can contribute to the development of a more stable and inclusive global economy. India is important to the global fight against COVID-19 since it produces 60% of the world’s vaccines, and if confirmed, I would work with India to end this deadly pandemic. And I pledge to work with India and our allies to address the climate crisis,” Mr. Lu stated during his presentation.

Senator Robert Menendez, Chair of, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated that America’s ties with India are deepening, aided by a thriving Indian-American population in the United States.

“I expect our ambassadors to enhance this tie while adhering to our core beliefs and addressing legitimate concerns. I will continue to campaign for labor rights and the formation of unions in Bangladesh to ensure that workers in all sectors work in safe conditions,” he said.

Mr. Lu stated during his testimony that the US had defined its relations with Pakistan for more than two decades from the lens of counter-terrorism and security.

“If confirmed, I would build on our great history of friendship with Pakistan to support human rights, religious freedom, counter-terrorism cooperation, and a more favorable business environment for American investors,” he stated.

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