Biden Expected To Speak About COVID19 (Thursday)

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Biden Expected To Speak About COVID19

According to individuals familiar with the speech, this week Biden expected to speak about COVID19 next phase of the response.

While officials were still ironing out details early this week, the speech will include several sections on education, private schools, and government employee obligations. According to one source, this is the most they have accomplished thus far.

The speech was initially scheduled for Wednesday, but a White House official indicated later Tuesday morning that the time is still subject to change and that it will instead take place on Thursday.

“The President will brief the American people on Thursday about his aggressive effort to halt the spread of the Delta variant and increase vaccination rates. As the President has stated repeatedly since Day 1, his administration will use every available tool to contain the pandemic.

On Thursday, the President will outline a six-point approach to assist us in accomplishing that goal, utilizing both public and private sector resources. “According to the official,

Biden’s coronavirus team has been in charge of developing the following steps.

There are still certain constraints on what the administration can do. The expectation is that the federal government cannot order a broad vaccine mandate, as officials have already stated publicly.

The speech comes as Americans’ faith in Biden’s handling of the pandemic has plummeted. A recent Washington Post-ABC poll decreased to 52% from 62% in late June.

Biden Expected To Speak About COVID19

The administration is juggling efforts to increase vaccination rates against Covid-19 while also seeking to make a third shot of the vaccine available in the autumn when schools resume, and instances of the highly virulent Delta strain have been rising.

With concerns about the danger of another Covid-19 outbreak developing in schools unless mitigating measures are implemented, pressure is mounting for vaccines to be permitted for children younger than 12 and booster shots to begin. Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia said Monday that his state is prepared to administer third shots if the federal government gives the go-ahead.

Last month, the Biden administration announced that a third dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine would be made available to adults later this month.

However, senior health officials advised the White House to require additional time to study all available evidence before recommending booster shots.

On “State of the Union,” White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain was hesitant to commit to a precise date for when booster shots would be given to the public but pledged to wait for final permission from health officials.

Meanwhile, on September 17, the US Food and Drug Administration will convene to examine Covid-19 booster shots.

Regarding vaccine requirements, the White House has frequently stated that there will be no federally enforced vaccine passports but has pushed for alternative methods of increasing immunization rates.

Biden Expected To Speak About COVID19

Additionally, the Biden administration mandates federal employees and government contractors to produce proof of immunization or follow tight rules such as regular testing, hoping that the private sector will follow suit.

Additionally, the President directed that all nursing homes require staff vaccination against Covid-19 to maintain Medicare and Medicaid funding.

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