Biden Cautions About A Climate Change “Code Red”.

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US President Biden visited communities in New Jersey and New York recently impacted by Hurricane Ida. He assessed the affected areas in Louisiana last week, which suffered the brunt of the hurricane.

President Biden warned of a climate change “code red” moment, pointing to parts of the country hit by extreme weather in recent days, ranging from New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana devastated by Hurricane Ida to California, battling catastrophic wildfires.

Biden Cautions About A Climate Change

Joe Biden visited communities in New Jersey and New York recently impacted by Hurricane Ida. He inspected devastated parts of Louisiana last week and is slated to visit California next week.

The Threat of Climate Change

“We have to listen to scientists, economists, and national security specialists. They all warn us that this is a code red situation; the nation and the world are in danger, “Joe Biden said in Queens, New York, where eight people perished as a result of flooding in their basement homes.

“They warned us that extreme weather would get more severe over the next decade, and we are living it now,” Joe Biden remarked.

“The country and the world are in jeopardy. That is no exaggeration. That is simply true, “he explained.

As Biden pointed out, American areas with a population of 100 million have been struck by extreme weather that’s one in every three Americans.

“I mean, every part of the country is being hammered by tremendous weather,” he said during a briefing in New Jersey. “And we are now seeing in real-time how the country will look. And if we do nothing, we won’t be able to reverse it too much, but we can keep it from getting worse.”

Hurricane Ida, which struck landfall in the United States a week ago, killed at least 60 people in New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana and left more than 500,000 people without electricity in the state. Additionally, nearly 2 million acres have been burned in California wildfires thus far, with additional fires expected.

“Folks, the science is unambiguous: climate change poses an existential threat to our lives and economies, and the threat is already here. Joe Biden stated, “It is not going to get any better.” “The question is this: Can it get much worse?”We can stop the deterioration.”

“Build Back Better” To Combat Climate Change

The Biden administration has proposed various steps to counteract global warming as part of his “Build Back Better” plan, making its way through the US Congress. His Build Back Better plan, which includes significant investments in combating climate change and reducing emissions, he stated, will make “things more robust.”

The hurricane’s outgoing remnants subsequently surprised authorities in the New York region, with torrential rain producing flash floods.

The storm’s final burst killed hundreds in the Northeast of the United States, turning streets into raging rivers, flooding basements, and shutting down the New York subway.

“I believe we are at one of those tipping points where we must act or face serious consequences. Our children are in danger.”

And while one portion of the country struggles to recover from hurricane devastation, California and the rest of the western region are battling increasingly ferocious wildfires.

“This is a crisis for everyone,” he stated during the speech. “These catastrophes will not abate. They will only increase in frequency and ferocity in the future.”

The Climate Change Conference At The UN

The US president also discussed the next United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in October-November, which he and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are expected to attend. The objective is to expedite progress toward meeting the Paris Agreement’s targets.

Afghan Withdrawal, COVID19, & Infrastructure Plans

With his presidency under duress due to the Afghanistan withdrawal and rising Covid infections at home, Biden faces a difficult few weeks ahead, including a battle to get his infrastructure plans passed by a barely divided Congress.

Ida struck landfall on the US Gulf Coast as a Category 4 hurricane, causing widespread flooding and power outages in vast parts of the densely populated region, a central oil industry hub. Just last week, Biden embarked on a similar tour of Louisiana, the state where Ida made her initial landfall.

Biden – who supports a massive infrastructure spending measure that includes significant investment in the green economy – thinks that this summer’s harsh weather across the United States is a sign of things to come.

He argued that immediate upgrades and hardening of the nation’s infrastructure are required, citing proposed measures such as flood-proofing power plants, elevating buildings, and burying electrical lines.

“You cannot simply rebuild to pre-storm levels because another tornado or another ten inches of rain will have the same effect,” Biden said earlier in New Jersey.

The White House believes that Hurricane Ida’s devastating impact on two different parts of the country would drive action on the spending legislation.

“It is critical that we take action on climate change and invest… through President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ policy, which is currently making its way through Congress,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted.

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