Is Biden A safer Choice As The Democratic Party’s Flagbearer

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Is Biden A safer Choice As The Democratic Party's Flagbearer

Sometimes I think Joe Biden’s lackluster entry into the race to be Democrat’s party candidate is a blessing in disguise, a blessing because it finds most of hi rivals both in the primaries and later in the general election flatfooted and therefore, not with much ingredients that would enrich smear campaign.

Reminds me of marathon race where the frontrunners in the initial stage get too much attention and therefore more about them is revealed, only for medal place runners to make it to the front when it matters most, the focus is majorly never on their person but the efforts that have seen them move to the front.  Read Also Bloomberg Withdraws His Presidential Candidature

That’s how I view Biden’s bid race so far, much focus was on Sanders as the Democratic front runner, and with a chance to give Trump a run for his money, and then South Carolina and Super Tuesday happened.

Focus is now on Biden, and the conversation has now shifted to his chances of beating Trump, the reason you see the latest attention from the Republican camp trying to fan and fade embers of relevance in raising scandal allegations on matters that don’t really meet Scandal threshold.

They know that but just want that burden to be the voter’s burden and the burden of proving innocence to be the Biden’s burden, their hope is however much it may never count too much just as Clinton’s email one never did, something is better than nothing and a distraction is a distraction.

You see if anything scandalous was to be proven in the Ukraine issue where Joe Biden’s only sin is he is the father of Hunter Biden who at the time was directly involved in Ukraine issue as an employee, and therefore attempting to pressure Ukraine’s government to fire a prosecutor, Victor Shokin.

Who was widely seen as impeding anti-corruption efforts to be a conflict of interest, then Trump administration lacks moral authority on matters family and business because these days, the President of the united states regularly accepts payments from foreign sources to his company while in office.

Moreover, it would be deeply ironic, given that Trump himself got impeached for pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden over this same Ukraine issue.

What is the Ukraine issue that involves the Bidens?

When Joe Biden was a vice president in 2014, there was a change of regime in Ukraine, and Hunter Biden joined the board of a scandal-plagued Ukrainian natural gas company called Burisma.

It is believed that he joined the board on the basis that his father was vice president and involved in the Ukraine policy by the Obama administration.

He got paid handsomely per month for the job, and the situation constituted some conflict of interest that’s usually considered inappropriate in Washington up until this Trump era, where conflict of interest is a non-issue.

Officials in the Obama administration and Western Europe had come to the consensus that Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Victor Shokin, wasn’t doing enough to fight corruption.

 Biden delivered the message that the west wanted Shokin gone, or else loan guarantees would be held up, and with this, Shokin got fired.

This was nothing controversial at the time, the European Union hailed the move to fire Shokin.

 Biden’s video footage touting his role in this was considered a foreign policy triumph that he wanted to claim credit for, nothing embarrassing about that.

But Viktor Shokin, of course,didn’t want to go down on the grounds of incompetence and corruption. He had to give his side of the story: he said he was fired for going after Bursima by Joe Biden operating on behalf of his son Hunter Biden.

Two conclusions can be drawn for these pieces of facts.

First, Joe Biden’s conduct was purely a foreign policy thing and had nothing to do with his son. At least, everyone at the time knew this.

Shokin coming with another theory, would, therefore, purely be a reputation saving act.

Second, Hunter Biden got his job in Ukrainian company-Burisma because he was the son of the United States vice president.

From the above, therefore, Trump’s only counter attack to any Biden’s attack on matters nepotism would primarily be that second conclusion of the Ukrainian issue, whether it stings or not is a wait and see.

The point, however, is, Biden scores more on the grounds of electability than his chief rival Bernie Sanders who certainly has electability problems.

Most notably turning off moderates who would prefer a less extreme candidate making Biden a safer choice.

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