Bernie Shocked By Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday Win

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Shocked the world, Biden did it! The Super Tuesday primary results were a massive setback to Bernie’s commanding position in the primaries, and a significant breakthrough for the powerful conservative Democratic establishment – euphemistically known as “moderate.”

The Democratic leadership and its powerful media allies waged a relentless campaign to stop at nothing to ensure a comeback for Mr. Biden, including a vicious media demonization of Bernie.

Despite all polls showing he could beat President Trump, Bernie was portrayed as a sure loser to him.

Bernie was also labeled a wild extremist akin Hitler, and his followers equated to the Nazi brown shirts. In the mainstream media by renowned journalists no less!

But the bottom line is that four days after all polls showed Bernie set to easily win the Super Tuesday contest.

Americans, especially African Americans, voted against Bernie and for Biden, including in states like Massachusetts and Minnesota, where Biden didn’t even visit once, believing he had no chance to win there!

Such is American politics – policies Biden has supported have had a catastrophic impact on African Americans!

For Bernie, he was no doubt hurt by his over firm commitment to “revolution” and supposed socialism; in fact, he is not a socialist!

He needs to make that clearer now, belated though it is, and appeal to even “moderate” voters to join his camp.

He should not give up, even though its a massive uphill struggle from now on in. There is still a slight possibility of Bernie catching up to Biden but going by what has happened, not likely.

The biggest fear is that Trump will easily beat Biden, whose gaffes reached such epic proportions that mainstream media stopped showing them for fear of undermining him.

A sad day for American democracy when the establishment and media stopped at nothing to turn Americans against the most popular Democrat by far.

He was the only anti-Trump candidate with passionate political support, spearheaded by his health care, public college education, and a $15 minimum wage for all Americans. So much more to say will do so in a few days.

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